An interactive high definition table to showcase this stunning development in Dubai.



Al Zahia is about creating a community that embodies Sharjah’s traditional values in a progressive and contemporary setting.

Al Zahia is set to become Sharjah’s first gated community, bringing contemporary community lifestyle and traditional values together throughout every aspect of its development.

The installation itself was part of Al Zahia’s wider marketing suite where people could explore the project in more detail.

Alongside our digital and interactive installation, were a series of videos, posters and models designed by our partners at Squint Opera.


We’ve used 3D and coupled it with cutting edge communications to bring the experience to life. Using Unity 3D we can being a depth of experience through animation and interaction that goes beyond the normal presentation.

Multi-touch screens respond to your every touch – the assets instantly responding to your gesture. Videos are seamlessly and immediately played across the screens, helping to bring the development plans to life. 


The table combined high definition video and a physical model of the whole site, allowing people to get great idea of the scale and layout of the development.

People literally touched the site to see the variety of parks, buildings and amenities being built and picture how they could live there.