FumeFace for Toyota launches

We’re very pleased to have been working with Toyota & Lexus on an app and web experience for their Quit Club campaign. As part of their commitment to the environment, Toyota and Lexus setup Quit Club:  Championing cleaner air and big savings for companies and drivers alike, Quit Club unites people and full petrol hybrids. […]



This is one for the techies amongst our audience! We’re keen advocates of giving something back to the community. As it happens we also like building cool techie things that help make our lives easier. Enter Robotlegs-Sharp. Robotlegs-Sharp is a application framework for C# ported from Robotlegs for AS3, written collaboratively by our Technical Lead Matt and […]


Our mobile test suite

With the explosive growth of smartphone and tablet adoption across the world, it’s a constant challenge keeping pace with the newest devices coming out. Hardware and software combinations are potentially limitless, with new combinations coming out every day. So what we do here at Rancon is take a pragmatic approach and combine virtual and physical […]

Look at the concentration on their little faces


Much as we love technology and digital games, every so often it’s good to get back to the analog world. So our team-day / afternoon involved a spot of Ten Pin Bowling, not Crown Green Bowling as you might have expected, followed by some food at Grid Iron Grill. Best bit of the latter, if […]

Rancon Rugby Kinect

Games for exhibitions & events

Here at Rancon we work with a variety of event and exhibition suppliers by producing fun games and interactive apps that help attract people to the exhibition stands they build. We love using cool technology to help make these event games as engaging and interactive as possible. So we’ve built Wii golf games; driving games you sit […]


Oculus Rift R&D

We’ve been playing…again. This time we’ve been getting the Oculus Rift setup and running in the office to try out the various demos they provide. this example is a very immersive helicopter experience where you take off from a carrier and fly round some tropical islands. Which we think is how Colin’s shirt can be […]


Smoking Time Machine & British Heart Foundation partnership

We’re rather pleased to announce that Smoking Time Machine, an app we built for Change My Face, has secured a partnership with the British Heart Foundation!  Smokers – you can now glimpse into the future! The British Heart Foundation’s Smoking Time Machine shows you how you will look in 10 and 20 years’ time with […]


Spirit Fighter launched

We’ve been close friends with the indie band Vanishing PoYnt for a few years since the initial success of the original light cycle game. Since then they started work on a new album and to celebrate the launch of “I Am Ashes” EP (available now on iTunes) they commissioned us to make a new game. Introducing Spirit […]


My Neonatal Journal launched

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our latest Medical & Lifestyle app: My Neonatal Journal. It aims to help parents of new-born babies, especially those requiring specialist neonatal or intensive care. Best bit is the first review we received was overwhelmingly positive: Having a separate section for hospital notes has been a great help. Being […]


“Playing” rugby

Just testing out a rugby kicking game powered by Mircosoft’s Kinect controller in honour of the Six Nations. Basically the game reads our body language and replicates that on-screen in the form of you taking a spot kick. Cool isn’t it? Get in touch to find out more!



Microsoft are at it again with what looks like it could be a great bit of kit > full video here. It’s a way to visualise 3D digital content augmented over real life objects. This kind of thing has been possible for a few years in the app world, the unique element is to combine it with a pair […]


[POSITION FILLED] We’re hiring – AS3 Developer

[POSITION FILLED]  Want to work at a fast growing and innovative app and games company? Then look no further! We’re looking for talented developers to help us with our ActionScript 3 projects. About the job Your role will be working as part of our development team creating apps, games and large screen interactives. We need someone […]