FumeFace for Toyota launches
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We're very pleased to have been working with Toyota & Lexus on an app and web experience for their Quit Club campaign. As part of their commitment to the environment, Toyota and Lexus setup Quit Club: 

Championing cleaner air and big savings for companies and drivers alike, Quit Club unites people and full petrol hybrids. See how you can save on whole-life costs whilst reducing CO2, NOx and particulate emissions. 

The great news is that they chose Rancon to help deliver their campaign through the use of a SmartPhone app and interactive web experience called FumeFace. The app artfully shows how living in a diesel world can age us prematurely and that hybrids are a healthier option for us and the environment. 

You can see and experience for yourself what quitting diesel has meant for savvy companies and drivers. Visit quitclub.org.uk to find out more or download FumeFace now.

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