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Rancon Rugby Kinect
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Here at Rancon we work with a variety of event and exhibition suppliers by producing fun games and interactive apps that help attract people to the exhibition stands they build. We love using cool technology to help make these event games as engaging and interactive as possible. So we've built Wii golf games; driving games you sit down and control with a steering wheel; touch screen tennis games; driving games you use an xBox controller to drive; and even a Microsoft Kinect rugby kicking game

But that should't limit your imagination. We can port existing games to new technologies. Give your customers a taste of Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift for example! 

All of our games are skinable, meaning we can change the graphics to suit your needs, as well as tweaking the gameplay to match - scoring, time, messaging and the like. A new simple game can be done to suit your requirements and budget also - you just need to supply the hardware. Get in touch to find out more!


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