Spirit Fighter launched
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We've been close friends with the indie band Vanishing PoYnt for a few years since the initial success of the original light cycle game. Since then they started work on a new album and to celebrate the launch of "I Am Ashes" EP (available now on iTunes) they commissioned us to make a new game. Introducing Spirit Fighter! 

Swipe away blocks as you sprint across a futuristic neon rooftop dodging enemies and collecting power-ups. It's Instantly addictive! Always running, he gets faster and faster, as the action gets more frenetic. Can you beat the system and keep Spirit Fighter alive?

The relentless nature of the game play matches their track perfectly as the lead character runs, jumps and swipes through the roof tops of a future neon cityscape. All the time, the bands new single is played behind the action. If the previous game is anything to go by this one is going to be a big success. Are games the future of music videos?


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