Spirit Runner launched
Spirit Runner Launched
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What a great way to round out a week! We're very excited to announce that our first Virtual Reality (VR) game has been released! Spirit Runner VR is the spiritual successor to Spirit Fighter, developed in conjunction with the band Vanishing PoYnt. It's a brand new take on the existing Spirit Fighter game brought to full neon Virtual Reality life and compatible with Google Cardboard on iOS and Android!

Sprint across a futuristic neon rooftop jumping across vertiginous drops and collecting power-ups. It's instantly addictive! Always running, he gets faster and faster, as the VR action gets more frenetic. Can you beat the system and keep Spirit Runner alive?

"I am ashes waves of light...I am the echoes of the night...I am all that I can feel and not outrun. We are dreams so undefined, we are fragments lost in time."

Warped into an electronic world by an unknown evil force, Spirit Runner is destined to an eternity of fending off evil spirits of the night in a battle he can't win. Endlessly running his life has become a torment of constantly outrunning these fragments of people's dreams.

"Am I alone...am I alone...am I alone."

We've created Spirit Runner VR to celebrate the ongoing success of Vanishing PoYnt's new track "I am ashes". Also check out the original Spirit Fighter game for iPhone.

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