Savoy Place is the new cutting edge home of the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET) in London, built not only as a space for engineers and technologists to meet, but to also act as an inspiration and celebration of ideas that change the world.

Working with a range of expert hardware suppliers, as well as renowned exhibition designers MET Studio, we created the software that powers a series of interactive and unique exhibits.

Field of Energy

On entering Savoy Place visitors are presented with an elegant and interactive digital chandelier that sets the tone for the rest of the building. This sculptural piece represents the convergence of the various sectors of engineering the IET by presenting them as a dynamic ‘field of energy’.

The various facets are depicted as animated particles of energy that interconnect to become greater than the sum of their parts. As visitors move underneath the sculpture various elements subtly animate and come to life, creating a dynamic and ever-changing image of the IET.

Digital Projection

Within the lobby space of the Faraday Centre on the 2nd floor is a live digital display showing up-to-the-minute information from the global world of the IET. We took multiple data feeds and sources of information and mashed them together into a visually stunning, real-time projection, which is part sculpture and part infographic. Behind the scenes is a simple and elegant content management system allowing the IET to update and manage what gets shown to visitors immediately.

100 Objects

Engineers have radically changed lives for the better over the years, solving problems, improving safety and contributing to the quality of life. The first floor lobby display reflects this with a display about the 100 ideas that changed the world, as chosen by IET members. The physical exhibit shows individual items in their own display case and is enhanced with two touchscreens either side, allowing visitors to explore the idea and the end product as they browse.

Since installation we have also worked with the IET to help bring Savoy Place to life and help visitors explore the rich history through the IET: Savoy Place app.