My Neonatal Journal is an exciting new app to help parents of new-born babies, especially those requiring specialist neonatal care.

It provides a helpful and easy-to-use interface, enabling parents to record information on their baby’s development in a structured way, enhancing understanding and encouraging greater personal involvement in their baby’s care.


We wanted to keep the app simple and clean, allowing parents to easily record and monitor their baby’s progress.

On-screen interactions are kept to a minimum to make updating or reviewing information simple and quick.


The visual experience is warm and inviting, with soothing colours and soft focus backgrounds. The user interface is deliberately familiar, so feels natural to use, yet takes on its own identity.

I have always felt that I would like to produce something to help families struggling with having a new baby on the neonatal unit. It really is such an ‘alien’ environment for most people and the journey for those with premature or sick babies is a roller-coaster of joy, anxiety and sometimes sadness. I wanted to create something that allowed parents to capture useful and special information to be able to order it in an ordered and accessible format.

Simon Pirie, Neonatal Consultant