HTC Vive at Rancon
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We love new tech and we're particularly pleased with our latest purchase: a Vive virtual reality system from HTC. It's a lovely thing to use. We're particularly impressed with the room sized space that you can walk around in. This brings an extra level of immersion into any experience as you're not rooted to the spot, meaning you can bend down to see under items, step around objects in the way or dodge flying things. Some clear favourites are emerging from the Steam Store:

  • The Brookhaven Experiment Demo - Zombies! The demo is you stood in a dilapidated park in the pitch black, with nothing more than a flashlight and a 9mm pistol. Shoot the zombies to stay alive and progress to get better kit.
  • Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic - think the classic board game Operation! but in virtual reality with a dead / dying Team Fortress 2 Heavy on the operating table. You have to open up his chest and replace his heart using the array of objects around the room. Cue hilarity as you attempt to open up his chest cavity using a marble bust!
  • Job Simulator - robots have taken over the world replacing humans and this experience pits you as one of those robots learning how to do one of the aforementioned jobs. It's cute, funny and very entertaining.

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