UniGlos Game Jam 2015 – Arch3r
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We've got pretty close affiliations with the University of Gloucestershire - we've got 2 placements currently working here and at least 1 other developer is a graduate - so this may have been cheating somewhat but were thrilled to be involved with this year's Game Jam. The brief was:

For this UniGlos Game Jam brief participants must create a futuristic sports game, inspired by James Thomas (Microsoft, Rare Studios). The game art style and theme can be selected by teams as appropriate. The game must be published to PC using either game engine Unity or UE4. The game can be created in 2D or 3D (or a mixture of both) depending on the team’s experience. You may use any “free” assets from the Unity / UE4 store, for example animations or 3D assets.

Basically right up our street. Cue fevered and excited yelps from the team as they all scurried off to plan, then build the game. The end result? Arch3r. You control an absurdly powerful cannon that fires arrows. Yes arrows. What of it?  Your aim (aim get it?) is to shoot down a series of alien drones. Shoot as many down as possible in the 60 seconds available to get the highest score. 


Arch3r screenshot


So having built it in Unity 3d, our weapon of choice for this kind of thing, we sent young George and Rich down to the Uni to present our game to the wide eyed crowds. The good news was that everyone loved it. The bad news was that given we're a commercial games and app studio, we're basically not eligible. Oh well. On the up side it was good to cut loose for a while and create something totally new and get the whole team involved.


Arch3r screenshot


Play Arch3r now online.

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