In Smashing Robots, you shed your regular identity and become the brave and heroic John Rambot, who is on a mission to free your fellow Meekas from the thoroughly wicked Evil Corp Robots of Wasabi Planet.

Smashing Robots is a 3D marvel that makes other games look ordinary. You’ll travel to colourful new worlds, and marvel at the crisp detail.


By applying your logic and skill – and no small amount of grit and courage – you’ll make it through all 72 levels, and forever be remembered as a hero.



Smashing Robots was created by our in-house games team for MiniWorldGames. The aim was to build a mass market game that combined addictive game play, humour and a compelling narrative. The target market was children from 7+ and could be enjoyed in any country and language. The team wanted to build an interface that is simple for children to use yet appealing enough for adults to have fun.

User interaction needed to be instantly familiar so follows several best practice approach for the interface, as well as using subtle cues and tutorials to guide you into the gameplay, all with very limited use of language. Designing the flows and action points allow us to have a streamlined and uncluttered interface, which starts on paper with lots of boxes and arrows and progresses to wireframes. These blueprints help us iterate the process but keep to the simplicity of the user experience without being distracted by visual design considerations.


All the characters and levels were designed from scratch starting with multiple line drawings to get a feel for the general style, to coloured hand drawings, through to 3D renders.

Multiple iterations allow our team to act independently but come together to review and refine work until its perfect.

Our approach allowed us to bring it all together in a very successful project that was warmly received by the press and end users.

Smashing Robots was nominated for Apple’s Game of the Day, had a ton of very positive 4 and 5 star reviews and downloaded many hundred of thousand of times across the world.

Loved this game. Enjoyable levels, easy gameplay, beautiful and cute artwork and characters.

App Store User, 5 Stars

Loved it! Much better than Angry Birds. Love the “Yaaaahhhh” – still laughing now.

App Store User, 5 Stars

Great fun game with new 3D graphics. Can’t wait to show the kids.

App Store User, 5 Stars

Really good fun. Loved the 3D element to it – works really well. Can’t wait to get more levels.

App Store User, 5 Stars